THE HOLE . . . . . .

Friday 11/04/11 the first night my son spent at the jail they stuck him in the hole to prevent him from killing himself.

The hole is about 10x10 and there's a mattress with a blanket and a toilet that doesn't work and no toilet paper. Wolfe asked for toilet paper but they just ignored him. The threw him in their naked and that's how he stayed for 24 hours. When he got out he told the guard that if that's how they keep people from killing themselves it's not going to work. And the guard said that that's how they do it there.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update May 2014

It's been a while since I've written here.

My son is now going to martial arts classes a couple times a week. It gets him out around people and he's really good at MA.
We worry, tho, that his probation officer (PO) is going to show up there or call and tell the teacher there that he's a registered sex offender. Even tho my son is innocent just putting that thought in someone's head will just ruin his chances of success there. So we're hoping it won't happen.

My son going to Mental Health Treatment. He started out once a week, 2 months ago, and is now going once every 2 weeks. His PO keeps insisting that it needs to be sex offender treatment, but our lawyer, the state attorney here in PA and the judge who decided my son's treatment are all in agreement.

Now that the legislation is moved here to PA, however, the PO and his supervisor are saying they need to revise his release papers and 'change the wording' to fit what PA wants them to do. This is not legal and the PO is tiptoeing around it. For some reason they don't like the idea of my son not taking SO treatment. So, we're in for a battle here as we go to court to make sure the PO can't legally change his treatment. More money to be spent on lawyers and more bull shit to deal with.

My son is still stressed and he lives a prisoner under the rules of probation. He can't leave the few counties here in PA without approval and now with new rules if it's for personal reasons it won't be approved.

So the battle continues and we won't give up.

As far as support for SOs here in PA, I'm thinking about starting a blog with contact info for those who are in this same position. We have a group here, RSOL of PA but they don't do a thing. There's also a national group call W.A.R. Women Against Registry but they're not active here in PA.

If you want to connect please contact me. nakohichi @


Friday, January 6, 2012

Transfers, The Hole, UnSuicide Watch and Waiting

Now I wait. . for that phone call . . He called yesterday but it was early in the day and since then, nothing.
I had to call his dad yesterday and tell him to go visit Wolfe. At least he would get an hour out of the hole. He said he would and he did today.
Yesterday, as I was talking to Michael Todd in the Medical department where they're holding Wolfe,.. he mentioned how it was strange he was there for so long. 2 months is a long time in holding. And I agreed. He said they tried to call the US Marshal and never got ahold of anyone..well, I know they don't try very hard.So I mentioned that maybe I would call the US Marshal and he thought it was a good idea.
I called and was told to hold on for a moment, which turned into 23 minutes. So I called back and was transferred  few times. And finally got this guy Eric Thompson and he looked and said he didn't have a destination yet and yes it was strange that he didn't and that Wolfe was in there a long time. And then he saw a 'medical alert' from the day before and said that might hold up the transfer. And so I called Michael back and told him the conversation and gave him Eric's info and he called.. and left a message on Eric's answering machine. I only know that because Wolfe was able to call me and Michael was in the hall and told him he left a message. . but he really needed to call this guy back. . but messages seem to disappear in that place.
I got a visit on Sunday late.. at least he'll get an hour out of the hole.
and I'm still waiting for that phone call today. He's really scared. He told his dad that he may have to go to Medical instead of back to his pod. He's afraid of getting good time taken away. So his world is full of questions and he's just scared shitless.  He's only 22 and this is NOT the kind of place that he does well in.
8:31. . he has until about 11:15 to call before lights out.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Suicide Watch

Well, it finally happened. He was loud enough and constantly spoke about killing himself so they put him in the hole for 3 days!
I was hoping he would get transferred today. I don't know..maybe he was. I've signed up with a website called Vinelink . They're supposed to notify my when he's moved.
This is the worse place he could be and now after 2 months of being in this shithole. At least Federal Prison is more humane and I hope that every week he's transferred. Transfers only happen middle of the night on Mondays (who usually go to Miami) and Tuesday. . and it's Wednesday and I haven't heard anything so I'm assuming he's in there for another week.
I'm on hold as well... I have no home, living out of my place of business. Just waiting to find out where they send him so I can move there.
I know he's miserable . . even more so now that he's naked sitting in a small concrete cell with a mattress and sheet..and a toilet that doesn't work.
Oh.. forget to mention how I found out. I got a call yesterday and it was Daniel (Face) on the phone. He called me to let me know what happened. Wolfe asked him to so I wouldn't worry. Daniel has a calming kind of voice. And tells me he'll be alright and it makes me believe him. I like him right off.. . altho I know he just got 30 years for owning a rocket launcher.. plus all that pot he grew (which I don't see as a crime). But you never know someone's story so I don't judge these guys.
Thanks Daniel

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A letter from Wolfe

I got some sketches in the mail and a start for his book he wants to write, which I'll post here. Along with some lyrics to songs, which I'll post at a later date. I'm making a page just for his artwork and lyrics. Wolfe is very depressed.. I can hear it in his voice, very soft and final and he tells me he won't be there long. Like.. at all anywhere. I can't tell the jail that he's suicidal, that would just get him put in the hole.

They treat us like diseased animals. No! Worse. They think it’s justified because in their eyes criminals, scum, unhuman, not fit to live. They justify it by saying we need help, that we’re sick people who can’t live normal lives and need to be separated from the so called ‘normal people’.
It’s not that something is wrong with us. It’s just that we all have different (minds) and we have to choose our own paths in life. Not conforming to one. Of course that’s what makes people into two faced devils. They throw us in the hole every chance they get, just so they don’t have to deal with our basic needs. They deprive us of our basic human rights. They say they’re helping people.. BullShit
They do it for their own personal gain and ego. And to cover up their mistakes and wrong doings. The food they give us a starving animal wouldn’t eat. But we’re forced to eat it or starve. I wouldn’t force my worse enemy to eat this slop.
You can tell the cops, lawyers and judges have no self respect, no compassion, no love, no understanding or forgiveness. Just completely devoid of any human emotions. That’s why they chose their profession. To get recognition for their fucked up lies, beliefs and ideals. Just so they can walk around with a false sense of accomplishment.They know what they do is wrong but they’re afraid of not getting that recognition. Of not having the power to control people. They’re afraid of wrong. Afraid of being a normal human being.
That’s why they try to silence us. That’s why they try to demonize us. That’s why they treat us like this. They can’t stand that we’re the better people because we learn from and accept our actions which they refuse to do because everyone would be able to see how fucked up and two faced these people are. Their actions truly are. We’re the people they wish they could be. They won’t be truly human until they’ve learned that we have love, compassion, friendship, respect, patience, non judgement, forgiveness and willingness to learn from our mistakes. Unlike these people. We can forgive them and we will. We won’t punish them. . .but show compassion, understanding and forgiveness. That’s what makes us better, stronger people. Because we suffer for others.
Prisoner at John Polk Correctional Institute
Soon to be Federal Prisoner #54032-018
November 25, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cards in Spanish

Wolfe calls me at least twice a day. He always asks me if I've heard anything from anyone I've written to.. not yet I tell him. His sister is going to visit him tonight. It takes me 8 hours to do the drive, 1 hour visit and drive home so Wolfe has decided that the time is better spent writing letters, etc. Which I do. And read up on stuff that might help. . I'm learning a lot.
I'm glad he gets along really well with Face, his bunkmate. He's learning to speak Spanish, which could be very helpful in there. So he's learning while they play cards.. so now he can play poker in  Spanish. One of the guys at the table today started spouting off how the white people were the ones who started America and went on and on. . people were getting a little pissed off but they all kept their cool. I guess he's my age and started talking about Viet Nam . I think he's a 'good old boy'. Wolfe said that sometimes they'll put someone in there with them to list and rat. If they can get something on another inmate and rat on them they have a chance of getting out.
I remember, and Wolfe reminded me, that when he went in they gave him a list of things, like selling drugs, owning  firearms, etc  and if he knows anyone who's doing something illegal he should let them know and maybe it would get him shorter time. But I'd hate to be in there and be labeled a rat. I guess these guys figure if they tell on enough people they'll get to go free, which is what happens too often.

Sent out some 'Wolfe Packs' today. 1 to Tony Morello who is singer for Rage Against the Machine. He's really getting into the politics of things and has a website called AxisOfJustice. Smart dude.. so I sent him a pack. Also 1 to Mario Cuomo's son.. I've always like that guy, maybe he'll run for President (we all wish).
And 1 to Ed Shultz.. see my other Blog about him and the Sandusky crap that's going on now. Whenever some big guy gets caught as a sex offender our country goes more crazy to put eveyone in jail. It just blinds everyone with rage and 'have to do something quick to save my kid' BS.


We need to contact the Ed Show. He has this guy 'actor' David Keith, who I've never heard of on about Sandusky and they're just fueling the fire to get those bad sex offenders who download child porn.. my son did it accidentally and this is just making things worse.

Actor and activist David Keith talks with Ed about how more needs to be done to stop the sexual abuse of children.

The Ed Schultz Show
417 38th St. SW Suite F
Fargo, ND 58103-2312

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tattoo art

So my son is starting to give up and think that he might not get out. . I keep sending out my 'packets of hope' to politicians like Bernie Sanders and journalists.  I'm too stubborn to give up and besides.. my son is on a lifetime sex registry. So I'm going to keep going until I make him a free man.

He wants to send me his sketches he's been doing but worried they won't send them or the COs will look at them the wrong way and put him in the hole. Some of the other guys want him to do sketches for tats they want.

I have to get some work done at my shop because I'm way behind so this is a short post.  Waiting for a nightly phone call from Wolfe.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Read My Mail

Wolfe's going to mail me some of his artwork sketches and a letter. He still wants to send me the lyrics of a couple of songs he wrote but even tho I told him to mail it to his lawyer, he's afraid the guards will read them and he'd get thrown in the box.

Some of the other guys told him that they get their mail read and 1 said his sister sent him a stamp so they sent her letter back because you can't send stamps. Another had a section of his letter actually cut out. It had a recipe and I guess that's a bad thing? Maybe they thought it was some kind of code to make a bomb or something. The CO (correctional officers) have strange ways of thinking. In fact we found that most people who were defending the children from my son all had issues and thought they knew what was in the heads of these 'bad guys' they caught. I'll be putting together a website based on the way they interrogate suspects . . it's on my to do list.

I had a book by Morotmoto Musachi, who was a famous Japanese Swordsman and it never made it in. I think because it had a picture of him in cartoon style and it was Musachi's thoughts on living life seen thru a great swordsman, Samauri. These COs are so blind to what the book was really about, living life in a peaceful and nature way and saw it as something that showed you how to fight..

I mailed Wolfe a post card with a picture of Chief Two Moons who was a Cheyenne Chief who was at the battle of Little Big Horn. We're big fans of his . . I have to ask my son if he got it because he should have by now. Unless they think a picture of an Indian Chief somehow is bad. 

Well.. I'm so tired that I don't even know if I'm making sense. Days are flying by and our 15 minutes on the phone are even shorter.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Kung Fu

Martial arts.. so much of other's lives. Not in jail. The fat guards don't want you to practice any kind of martial art and if they find you doing that you'll go to the hole.

Wolfe's Kung Fu is something he loves. I understand it.. I'm into Tai Chi which is the 2nd part of the school we used to attend together. He tells me he's losing his Kung Fu. As those of you who practice martial arts know that hours and hours of practice a week are needed to just sustain what you've learned. He practices sometimes in the dark corner and watches out for the guards but is scared. He's met others who watch him practice a few things and tell him that they're martial artists as well but don't practice just because of that.

He cries about it every night when he calls. I finally wrote a letter to his teacher today and will send it out in tomorrow's mail. He hasn't been to class since this started so his teacher has no idea what's going on. I'm hoping he'll write Wolfe, maybe give him a few 'stress exercises' . You can't write that it's a martial art or the letter will go in the trash and Wolfe will go to the hole. Or even just a note of encouragement would mean so much.. so we'll see what happens.

I've sent out some packets to different Innocence Projects and now I'm doing Senators. Just the liberal ones of course. and Wolfe still tells me I need to get him out now. . and my heart just breaks every time.


The prisoners are supposed to have vegetables with their meals. They wait in line as the 'fat fuck' as my son calls him sits on the side eating their meals. All the guard has to do is open the little door and shoot the food out but they're always busy.
Wolfe actually likes healthy food like broccoli. But what they do in jail is cut the top parts off and give them to the guards and the prisoners get the stalks.

I've run out of money and time on my phones so I'm going to Sprint today to get a new # so Wolfe can call me. he has 1 call left. He's very down and says that he's losing who he is and will never again be able to play his guitar like he was.. and he is very good at it. He plays death metal. I feel so guilty and helpless.

His buddy Rob got transferred yesterday and I know how that really bothers him. He never had that father figure and Rob kindof took that roll. My son is scared to death about the 'box' and about transferring to the prison where he doesn't know anyone and has to 'start' all over again. He's not a social kind of guy so this is very stressful for him. He cries on the phone to me when we talk.

I'm mailing packets out to Innocence Project and whoever else I can find. Hopefully will have someone get back to me. My lawyer thinks I'm spending a lot of time on something that won't work. I refuse to believe that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wolfe got in a fight - and my fight is on

I don't know what happened because he couldn't tell me. But when I went for our visit last night he had a knot and scrapes on his head.
He said he can't stay there, that he's dying inside. He said he's losing his Kung Fu and his music, which are his life. I told him he wasn't losing them and when they transfer him to Federal Prison he can do them there. but I didn't understand until I looked in his eyes. He doesn't have the will to do them. My son is a little different than most people. He's very smart but thinks differently. Always had trouble learning in school, but put him on his own and he's a fuckin genius. I understand now. And he gave me 2 months, now 6 1/2 weeks left, to get him out of there.

He said if I did he would try to calm down and deal with the situation. I promised. I have already started looking for people to help. But now it's time to get down to business. I don't don't believe in god, used to try to but that illusion is over permanently. I'm more of a Buddhist than anything else . My son calls himself a Shinto Buddhist.  Labels.. just labels.

My whole life I've had people tell me I couldn't do things and proved them wrong. So now it's time to prove all those wrong who say I can't get him out. 

I've contacted the Innocence Project but most say they just go on DNA. But there's one in Coral Gables here in Florida that works out of a law school and they don't. I think I have enough stuff that might peak their interest and putting together packets to mail to them and others.

I remember reading 'the 16th round' by Rubin Carter and it inspired me then as it does now. I wrote him yesterday. I don't have his real address but his organization in Canada said they'd forward it to him. I'm going to send him one of my 'special' packets as well.

If anyone reading this has any ideas I'm open and you can contact me at Nakohichi @ 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Federal #

I contacted my prison consultant Larry because Wolfe hadn't yet called me and I was worried. Finally got that call at 2:30. My son got some of his commissary but not all because they charged him a lot of tax on it. which is weird.  But he shared his snacks with his bunkmate Face. I guess he has noone to help him out and no money so Wolfe shared with him.

Larry gave me Wolfe's new Federal Inmate # and a release date of Jan. 6th 2014 for good behavior. And maybe a halfway house Sept. 6 2013. We're not sure yet where he's being transferred. I've been told that since the court ordered him sex offender treatment (and I dread that stuff because my son shouldn't have to go thru that) it might be one of the prisons out of state because that kind of treatment is limited in most prisons. The bad thing about that is if he doesn't go along with it they could take back some of those good behavior days. I don't know which is worse.

Larry also told me that if he goes to one of those prison that house this offence then he's safer than if he goes into a regular prison. But the regular prison he might not have to do treatment. It's all a waiting game to find out what's going to happen. I don't want to tell my son right now as I don't know the future and I don't want to stress him out anymore than he is with info that may not be right.

Halfway house.. for sex offenders.. for 4 months. I'll have to look into that if and when the time comes.

9pm visit tonight going with my daughter. I'm getting a hotel room. It's a 3 hour drive home and I'm just exhausted.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you convicts

I wish there was something I could do for all those inmates of Wolfe's who are there for him. My son just called to say he was sorry for  yelling at me and that he appreciates what I'm doing for him . He said when he got off the last phone call one of the guys there talked to him about his call. He heard him yelling at me. funny that this guy is a jahovah's witness.  We used to make fun of those guys.. guess it's  a reminder how we're all just human and all part of the same clan.
It's happened with other times when Wolfe has a tough call. . they're there for him. They've given him socks and a shirt, listened to him, gave him advice. They've saved my son's sanity, if not life,  and I wish I could pay them all back some how. I'm not going to stop fighting this bull shit even when Wolfe gets out. .and he wants to do it as well.

fight with my son

Had a fight with my son.. which is not something you want to do. Maybe it was me but I was feeling guilty for not being able to do anything to get him out. And I think all he wanted was someone to listen. He said I made him feel stupid and like a 5 yo. And just this morning one of the guards put his head in the door and pointed to my son's bed and then walked out. Did it twice and Wolfe had no idea what he wanted.. finally realize he wanted my son to make his bed. We don't even make ours at home. He said they treated him like a 5 yo. Things got a little heated and he told me I need to shut up and listen instead of telling him to be strong. He fucking knows that. so.. we spoke again later and I shut up and now I know that he just wants someone to listen to him. Noone there understands what he's going thru. The phone call is his time to be away from the crowd and have a connection with home. Sometimes we just sit on the phone not talking for minutes.. he needs that time away from it and I sometimes drive him crazy.. so he doesn't get that 15 minutes.

I fired my first prison consultant because he said he would able to get my son in a prison camp. But now I know he can't because of what Wolfe went in for. They won't let sex offenders in a camp. And it was hard to contact him, he never answered his phone.. So I canceled the check. Hopefully I got it in time or I'll have to fight with him over it. But I hired another. But this new guy Larry tells me that I don't really need him. The prison system will do what they do and put him somewhere.. He's there if I have questions and he knows where to go to find out about Wolfe's transfer. Right now I'm on my own and have a busy business so having that extra person who knows the system is worth it for me. Finding out shit is very time consuming and sometimes you hit a deadend and have to restart. So, I'm cool with that.
As soon as I have some time I'll put together links and a website with all the stuff I've learned from this experience.

I've been wanting to talk about sentencing day and my son's first day at jail in the hole. I have a wicked headache tonight but if I put it off then I'm not sure when I'll get to it. So.. Let's get at it.

Nov. 4th 2011, Friday
There's something just not right about driving your son to court when he might go to jail. We thought he'd get probation. We had all the forensics, the proof that he never even saw the 2 cp in his list of 2331 music videos , a few adult porn, but he's a young man. Then the 7 or so cps that were partially downloaded and then deleted. So I was optimistic. And our attorney, David Seltzer. . who I am still glad I hired, (it would have been so much worse without him), had his defense and very well done, as the judge also noted. Then Carlos Perez, the prosecutor started his weird rambling and gestures . Pulling things out of the confession that the ICE agents said.. not my son. My son only agreed to the words the agents said because he just wanted them to leave him alone. So it was. . He admitted to using certain search words that were used just for that kind of porn. yet it was the officer who read off a list of what they use and my son just agreed. But Carlos made like the words came out of my sons mouth. The officers said. 'you jerk off to them' and my son said yeah. . and Carlos made like my son actually said the words 'jerk off to them' which he didn't. This is how they get you in a confession. I've read their manual. I have it and when I have time I'm putting it on the internet as well.

Anyway.. I'm getting a bit tired so I'm not going to finish this tonite. But when Carlos was done the judge said 36months and my daughter and I looked at each other like.. WTF? and they never let me even give him a hug they just took him away. I think David was a shocked as well. As was our forensics guy who was there and we all figured on no jail time.  . I'm still stunned over it all.

Expecting a call from my son tonite. I spend a fortune on phone calls, first 2 days I spend $400.. we've since cut back

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I called the jail today to find out about getting his diet changed. They said they could make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow to talk with him about it. I'll let him know but I'm sure he won't give a shit.. he just wants out.
I also asked them about the 'law library' they were supposed to have and they stopped that because that's a lawyers job I was told. Aren't inmates supposed to have that right to a law library? I ask my attorney so many things but he keeps answering me. 

Canceled my visit

I had plans to go visit today, an 8 hour day.. I don't mind, except I'm really tired from lack of sleep. Also Wolfe says it's depressing when I get up an go home without him.

Hi buddy Rob, who's around 40 and has been watching his back since he got there, asked me to contact his girlfriend and bring her for a visit today. She can't talk on the phone but she can get texts. So I contacted her and she said yes, and then it was no because she didn't have an appointment, and then she said yes because Rob's xwife got her one. And then she said she needed to come up with a lie to tell her parents, who she's now living with. This woman is 33.. I asked because at this point I was wondering if she was old enough .. I don't want to get in trouble because I'm helping someone. Seems because of whatever happened to Rob she lost her kid and home and is now living with her parents who don't want her to see him. She said it was like a jail there. I told her I don't lie for people so if she's going to that's up to her. And I'm starting to regret this. Then she says she better not because it would jeopordize things more.

I gave the bitter news to Wolfe when he called. Rob was really looking forward to the visit. Next call I had a to lay it down for Lisa and told her if she doesn't make it to the visit they're over. All I got back as a reply was WOW.

These men have nothing to think about all day. So when there's a glimmer of hope at a relationship it's on their minds. . they have nothing else.  My son is dealing with that now as he had a girl interested in him before he went in and she kind of strung him along a bit. I had to tell him that she was dating (it's my daughter's friend) and he got pissed off about it. They have absolutely nothing there. The read, play cards and sleep. Women are on their minds and it really fucks with them.

Wolfe doesn't sleep. He

*** just got off the phone with him. He says he can't stay there 1 more night. He's innocent and it's in the worst place you could put anyone. He doesn't sleep. There are all these men farting, snoring and whatever else they do. They stay up until 3 in the morning then everyone goes to sleep except Wolfe. He can't go outside and says he doesn't even know what it looks like anymore. The food, which is loaded with soy, makes his stomach hurt, he has nothing to relax him, no guitar, no painting, no pot.. He has no underwear and the pants they gave him are so used they fall off of him. This is torture. Others there have been in before and if they weren't they can deal with this better than my son. My son is not the kind of person who even likes to go to social events because he has phobias about being in crowds and dirt. . and here he is. He cries on the phone.. get me out, come get me, I want to go home. And I spend time every day looking for a solution. I have none and that pisses him off more. He says I need to think out of the box.. my brain is pretty fried these days. He's not the kind that could sleep all day, like all the others. He hates wasting time, his time, his life.. he should be out partying. He should be dating and getting laid. He's done nothing wrong. and they put him in there.

Not sure what I'm doing next but I'll keep looking on the internet, seeing if there's a clue of anything. I'm going to write a letter to Rubin Carter today as well. There's no email for him but he was incarcerated but innocent and they got him out.
I need to find something. I don't want to give up . 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Shake Down

Wolfe just told me they had a shake down. The guards pulled the place apart looking for drugs and weapons, which they found none. But they did find bread that some of the inmates kept from diner and Wolfe's roommate Face had a sandwich he kept because he can't afford to buy extra stuff from commissary. So they found food. And there were also a couple guys who did not have their red shirt on, or didn't get it on quick enough. They sent these people all to the hole. For bread and for not being quick enough putting on a shirt.

Right before I got that call from my son his attorney called me. He has a new client who is 22 and got arrested for the same thing. He has a little alibi because he was not home when the cp were downloaded. He asked if I would speak to his mother and I said 'definitely'. . I'm glad to help. In the end we're all in the same boat.

List for today

I'm going to write to the ACLU, even tho they say it may take them 60 days to get back to me. The jail is unlivable. The sinks don't even have spouts. The inmates stick a spork in the opening to make the water go where they want. My son thought it was just his sink but it's everyones. One of the guys gave Wolfe a thermal shirt as it's freezing in there and one of the guards asking is he was new, told him to take it off. Still waiting for underwear and thermals from commissary. The money was in there but they said he missed the deadline by a couple of hours, which I just think is laziness on their part as they had plenty of time. More bullshit.

Another inmate gave him a pair of socks. You can't walk on that floor barefoot or you get staff infection and all they give him are a pair of used shower shoes. And again one of the guys inside gave him a few snacks from their commissary. The food there is so bad, but if they don't eat it they starve. It's been giving my son's stomach a bad time. He used to eat healthy and now he eats stuff our dog wouldn't. It's a bad scene.

Called the innocence project in NY, their main number, and left a message. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finally got my son's glasses from property & my first visit

Drove 2 1/2 hours to see my son tonite. He looked well, but he wasn't feeling well. He said something about breakfast and having the shits in public is no fun.
I told him I'm blogging and putting together a website and that people need to know about what's happened to him and about our judicial system  and these inhumane jails. He agreed and said to get out the word. I told him I'd keep it anonymous and he said he didn't care, let them know. He didn't do anything wrong.. Of course the inmates and guards won't know. They think he got busted with pot. He should be there. He accidentally downloaded 11 child porn videos along with 2331 music videos when he would do a mass download from Limewire, which is now closed just because of that reason. Convenient I say. 2 of them he didn't look at because he didn't know they were there. And the others were partials and when he saw what they were he deleted them. He's 20 for christs sake. He's not going to think.. gee.. this is illegal, he just thought it was something he wasn't interested in and delete. But our country doesn't feel the same way. . but I'm going off in tangents here.


Wolfe   got his glasses tonite. He's only been asking for them since last Friday when he arrived. The guard gave it to him wrapped up in toilet paper and after handing it to him told Wolfe to unwrap it himself because he (the guard) didn't want to touch them.. as if they were contaminated by a convict. And then held up his middle finger and asked Wolfe how many fingers. and walked away as everyone (including Wolfe because he had to) laughed. 

So.. I'm glad he got his glasses. One war won.. .

sons of bitches.   Here's a copy of my new Federal Prison Consultant in response to advice on a few things..

Sorry to hear about Luke's problem but Seminole Cty Jail as you know is a county facility not Federal. I just had a client transferred to a camp after several months and he had a broken foot at Seminole.  He left with a  broken foot. Both myself and his attorney attempted to resolve issues including dealing with supervisors.  Always told it would be taken care of but.....The best suggestion I can give you as a mother continue calling the institution  ask for a supervisor and also ask to speak to any U.S. Marshal if any are available.  But the County facilities and even the U.S. Bureau of Prisons work on an antiquated system.  I'm been involved with the courts, parole commission and BOP for 41 years and I always tell clients and their family it's not the Hilton. Service is non existent  or limited. I work on designations and transfers but as far as inmate issues or BOP  transportation my reputation ceases. They have the authority  to do nothing and they  know it. Once he gets to a federal facility things will improve. I saw your request for he wanting to be involved with music or art but not being cute, he's not going to Julliard but a prison facility.  My job is to try and get him into a camp and nothing  higher.  My BOP consultant has already started making  calls to the varuious regioanl areas  and we will follow up with correspondence ASAP.  Ray

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The inmates

Had a few calls from my son and we had an arguments over getting out. I guess I misunderstood or maybe just being a mom. But when your son is so upset and says he needs to get out that doesn't mean he expects it right now. But as a mom that's what I'm thinking and it I feel like I'm not doing everything I can.

We had some words, he hung up and called back. And now I understand more and realize that just knowing that maybe I can find a way out, still look for a solution, even tho it's not happening now is really all he wants. Well, he really wants out but right now it's not on the horizon.

Then he told me about a guy in there who's a really great artist. Art is big in our family , we're art lovers. And then he tells me about a 40 yo man who tells him that when he gets out, don't do drugs, get yourself together and don't come back to jail. This man has been in before and now he says his life is over. They look after one another and try to help each other out. The jailers and courts don't. I tell my son I wish I could thank all those people that he has met and who are watching his back. It means so much to me and him. But probably no one will think of those prisoners are human beings. Society doesn't and certainly the jailers don't.

There is more humanity inside those bars than there is on the outside. I feel for these people. Our society is really fucked up when we have caring people locked up and treated like animals when it's the ones who do the locking up who are the ones who are sick fucks.

My son had to hang up so he could get in line for his small roll of toilet paper. My son is one of those people who will use a half a roll during a session, but now he uses a sheet or 2. He shares the roll with his bunkmate.

Face, his bunkmate is a muslim. Wolfe tells me that Face went to the church they have there, if you can call it that, and said something to the preacher how it would be nice to have a place for him as well, being Muslim. And the preacher pretty much said that if they allowed it he would fight it. Nice guy. . . But Wolfe said he was thinking about going with Face on Friday night to join him in his religious practice. Wolfe is atheist and so am I. Now don't think he's going god fearing cause he's not. He just respects when people actually want to use their religion to raise their spirits. I told him I would go if I were him. And he says it's at least a positive thing instead of all the negative stuff he gets from the guards.

Call from my son about the people who put him there

He tells me that if he makes it out alive he's going to make sure people know those who went out of their way to put him in jail. The ICE agents, prosecutor, judge all did it , not to put some bad guy away. They knew from our forensics and everything they didn't find that W** is not a threat and accidentally downloaded these.
But it's all about the money. They've spent a fortune just on the sting alone.
We talked about how we were not out for revenge. We're not that kind of people. But my son was wronged and it should be told. These people should be ashamed of what they've done.
He sounded a bit more calm, but it gets worse at night. We ended the phone call at the very end before the phone shut off, which I hate, sometimes in mid sentence.. He had a clean up patrol duty with a few of the other guys so he had to go anyway.
More phone calls tonight.

Letter to my son

I wrote a letter to my son yesterday. But then we spoke and I had to tell him that the 'dream' of getting out and coming home now is not something I can do. His mind is having a hard time with that and in the end insists I keep trying.. which of course, I am. Think outside the box he tells me.. and I do.  .but I can't find anything yet. 

Dear W***

I can’t get you out. I know you want me to but I can’t. The only option would be to petition the court and then they would up charges and go to trial. Your attorney was a bit upset when I was looking into the petitioning.
Your sister mentioned about a drug rehab but you would have had to have had a drug abuse record and you don’t. The bit of pot they found is just not enough.

I’ve hired a Prison consultant and their job is to get you into the best place. I guess their info says it best so I’ve copied it here.
First and foremost, in concert with counsel we do everything in our power to prevent our clients from ever seeing the inside of a federal prison. However, in those cases where a prison term cannot be avoided, we make sure that our clients serve their sentence at the best facility given their individual needs, while at the same time providing the greatest opportunity for early release.

Clients are provided with accurate, up-to-date, real world information regarding the entire judicial process including federal incarceration (from a defendant’s point of view). Patrick counts his greatest attribute as having personally experienced every aspect of the federal criminal justice system - from indictment, trial and sentencing through incarceration, supervised release, and the rebuilding of life after a period of incarceration.

I’m always afraid to bring it up on the phone. I know you don’t want to hear it. It’s not that I’ve even given up. I spend hours a day contacting and searching for more answers.

These guys might be able to get you into a camp instead of prison and maybe get the sentenced reduced more. They know what they’re doing.

We’re in a bad spot and it just stresses me to even think to tell you that you’ll have to tough it out. The guy Ray says a transfer can take a couple of weeks to a month. Maybe they can get it done quicker. They’re starting on it tomorrow.. It’s 7:00pm right now so they can’t today.

I know you want the truth, even tho it’s unfair . But I’ve never known you to want a phoney answer. You’ve always wanted the truth. It sucks where you are but this will be the worse place you’ll ever be and with a little help from Ray it should get a lot better soon. We’ve made it this far.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday 11/8/11

Spoke to my son a couple of times tonight. He started yelling at me again. He's just really frustrated. I usually try to just quiet him down and go along with things. He tells me I have to get him out of there. I tell him I'm trying but don't see anything else to do. And he gets mad and says to think outside of the box. That if I would just do that I would find a way. So I finally yelled back at him and asked him how I'm supposed to get him out? I'm not a miracle worker. There's no magic word or action I can do. But he insists that if I try hard enough I'll find something. . . I like that he feels anything is possible.. one of my faults that I've instilled in my kids. . but I just don't see anything.

He finally got an answer from commissary and ordered a couple of thermal shirts, underwear, socks, pencil and sketch pad, a crossword puzzle book and some snacks. He'll be getting them on Thursday. Thankful for that. He still doesn't have a pillow. The inmates are more human than the staff there.

His attorney called me earlier this afternoon with contact info on a Federal Prison Consultant. And I finally spoke with him. The name seemed familiar and I'm sure I contacted him at the beginning of this whole deal but for some reason it didn't connect back then, wish it had.
I'm mailing him a check for $1,000.00 and he said he will go thru his contacts and try to get my son either into a good Federal Prison or better a camp. And somewhere close to where I live.. or want to live. I'm hoping they'll transfer him to Illinois as my daughter is moving there and that way we can be, at least, close enough to visit. He said it all depends on the kind of services my son needs from the prison or camp and if there's room.
We spoke about how the prisons are going private and big business is going to get bigger. That's all this shit is about. MOney.. and Mr. R (as I'll call my new consultant) agreed.
I've been wanting to write what's been happening every day. I'm behind a bit and have to fill in those I've missed as much as I can remember.. that first day in the 'hole' for my son was the worst.. but I work all day, spend half of it trying to deal with this bull shit the government did to my son and hardly sleep. so I think it's time i did. More tomorrow
Tuesday 11/8/2011

approx. 10:10am

Call from W very upset that he never got his underwear from comissary which he ordered. And the commissary won’t be open next week. He's wearing a scrub shirt and pants it's starting to smell because there's no way to wash them. So he washed his shirt in the shower and had to wear it because you can't go shirtless. It's cold in there and he was freezing. One of the other inmates loaned him his thermal shirt and I'm so greatful to him, as so is W** .

My daughter just called and spoke with the medical department about Luke not getting his glasses. I guess she started going off on him about how badly the inmates are treated of which he denied and started getting an attitude so she backed off.
He said if a request is put in today he’ll look for it and W will get them tonite. But W might not call me until it’s too late to do that. Wish I could call him