THE HOLE . . . . . .

Friday 11/04/11 the first night my son spent at the jail they stuck him in the hole to prevent him from killing himself.

The hole is about 10x10 and there's a mattress with a blanket and a toilet that doesn't work and no toilet paper. Wolfe asked for toilet paper but they just ignored him. The threw him in their naked and that's how he stayed for 24 hours. When he got out he told the guard that if that's how they keep people from killing themselves it's not going to work. And the guard said that that's how they do it there.

Friday, November 11, 2011

List for today

I'm going to write to the ACLU, even tho they say it may take them 60 days to get back to me. The jail is unlivable. The sinks don't even have spouts. The inmates stick a spork in the opening to make the water go where they want. My son thought it was just his sink but it's everyones. One of the guys gave Wolfe a thermal shirt as it's freezing in there and one of the guards asking is he was new, told him to take it off. Still waiting for underwear and thermals from commissary. The money was in there but they said he missed the deadline by a couple of hours, which I just think is laziness on their part as they had plenty of time. More bullshit.

Another inmate gave him a pair of socks. You can't walk on that floor barefoot or you get staff infection and all they give him are a pair of used shower shoes. And again one of the guys inside gave him a few snacks from their commissary. The food there is so bad, but if they don't eat it they starve. It's been giving my son's stomach a bad time. He used to eat healthy and now he eats stuff our dog wouldn't. It's a bad scene.

Called the innocence project in NY, their main number, and left a message. 

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