THE HOLE . . . . . .

Friday 11/04/11 the first night my son spent at the jail they stuck him in the hole to prevent him from killing himself.

The hole is about 10x10 and there's a mattress with a blanket and a toilet that doesn't work and no toilet paper. Wolfe asked for toilet paper but they just ignored him. The threw him in their naked and that's how he stayed for 24 hours. When he got out he told the guard that if that's how they keep people from killing themselves it's not going to work. And the guard said that that's how they do it there.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you convicts

I wish there was something I could do for all those inmates of Wolfe's who are there for him. My son just called to say he was sorry for  yelling at me and that he appreciates what I'm doing for him . He said when he got off the last phone call one of the guys there talked to him about his call. He heard him yelling at me. funny that this guy is a jahovah's witness.  We used to make fun of those guys.. guess it's  a reminder how we're all just human and all part of the same clan.
It's happened with other times when Wolfe has a tough call. . they're there for him. They've given him socks and a shirt, listened to him, gave him advice. They've saved my son's sanity, if not life,  and I wish I could pay them all back some how. I'm not going to stop fighting this bull shit even when Wolfe gets out. .and he wants to do it as well.

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