THE HOLE . . . . . .

Friday 11/04/11 the first night my son spent at the jail they stuck him in the hole to prevent him from killing himself.

The hole is about 10x10 and there's a mattress with a blanket and a toilet that doesn't work and no toilet paper. Wolfe asked for toilet paper but they just ignored him. The threw him in their naked and that's how he stayed for 24 hours. When he got out he told the guard that if that's how they keep people from killing themselves it's not going to work. And the guard said that that's how they do it there.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Update May 2014

It's been a while since I've written here.

My son is now going to martial arts classes a couple times a week. It gets him out around people and he's really good at MA.
We worry, tho, that his probation officer (PO) is going to show up there or call and tell the teacher there that he's a registered sex offender. Even tho my son is innocent just putting that thought in someone's head will just ruin his chances of success there. So we're hoping it won't happen.

My son going to Mental Health Treatment. He started out once a week, 2 months ago, and is now going once every 2 weeks. His PO keeps insisting that it needs to be sex offender treatment, but our lawyer, the state attorney here in PA and the judge who decided my son's treatment are all in agreement.

Now that the legislation is moved here to PA, however, the PO and his supervisor are saying they need to revise his release papers and 'change the wording' to fit what PA wants them to do. This is not legal and the PO is tiptoeing around it. For some reason they don't like the idea of my son not taking SO treatment. So, we're in for a battle here as we go to court to make sure the PO can't legally change his treatment. More money to be spent on lawyers and more bull shit to deal with.

My son is still stressed and he lives a prisoner under the rules of probation. He can't leave the few counties here in PA without approval and now with new rules if it's for personal reasons it won't be approved.

So the battle continues and we won't give up.

As far as support for SOs here in PA, I'm thinking about starting a blog with contact info for those who are in this same position. We have a group here, RSOL of PA but they don't do a thing. There's also a national group call W.A.R. Women Against Registry but they're not active here in PA.

If you want to connect please contact me. nakohichi @


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