THE HOLE . . . . . .

Friday 11/04/11 the first night my son spent at the jail they stuck him in the hole to prevent him from killing himself.

The hole is about 10x10 and there's a mattress with a blanket and a toilet that doesn't work and no toilet paper. Wolfe asked for toilet paper but they just ignored him. The threw him in their naked and that's how he stayed for 24 hours. When he got out he told the guard that if that's how they keep people from killing themselves it's not going to work. And the guard said that that's how they do it there.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday 11/8/11

Spoke to my son a couple of times tonight. He started yelling at me again. He's just really frustrated. I usually try to just quiet him down and go along with things. He tells me I have to get him out of there. I tell him I'm trying but don't see anything else to do. And he gets mad and says to think outside of the box. That if I would just do that I would find a way. So I finally yelled back at him and asked him how I'm supposed to get him out? I'm not a miracle worker. There's no magic word or action I can do. But he insists that if I try hard enough I'll find something. . . I like that he feels anything is possible.. one of my faults that I've instilled in my kids. . but I just don't see anything.

He finally got an answer from commissary and ordered a couple of thermal shirts, underwear, socks, pencil and sketch pad, a crossword puzzle book and some snacks. He'll be getting them on Thursday. Thankful for that. He still doesn't have a pillow. The inmates are more human than the staff there.

His attorney called me earlier this afternoon with contact info on a Federal Prison Consultant. And I finally spoke with him. The name seemed familiar and I'm sure I contacted him at the beginning of this whole deal but for some reason it didn't connect back then, wish it had.
I'm mailing him a check for $1,000.00 and he said he will go thru his contacts and try to get my son either into a good Federal Prison or better a camp. And somewhere close to where I live.. or want to live. I'm hoping they'll transfer him to Illinois as my daughter is moving there and that way we can be, at least, close enough to visit. He said it all depends on the kind of services my son needs from the prison or camp and if there's room.
We spoke about how the prisons are going private and big business is going to get bigger. That's all this shit is about. MOney.. and Mr. R (as I'll call my new consultant) agreed.
I've been wanting to write what's been happening every day. I'm behind a bit and have to fill in those I've missed as much as I can remember.. that first day in the 'hole' for my son was the worst.. but I work all day, spend half of it trying to deal with this bull shit the government did to my son and hardly sleep. so I think it's time i did. More tomorrow